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woman holding a bottle from vending machine

Snack & Beverage Vending Machines by Mix&Vend

We offer a range of vending machines in London, packed with quick and nutritious food and drinks to fit the needs of your business, keeping your staff and customers satisfied while on the premises.

Why Choose Mix&Vend?


Our services are available across London and the nearby areas, so whether you’d like just one machine, or more machines to cover multiple locations, we can help.

24 hours, 7 days a week

Give everyone in the building access to food, soft drinks, hot drinks, and water during opening times, which can save on catering costs for your company.


Sometimes we need a boost! From the office to the gym, the vending machine can be stocked with energy drinks, cold coffees, shakes and protein bars.


Too busy to stop for lunch, or working a late shift? Sometimes we might not have time to leave the building for lunch or pop into the shops on our way in. You can rest assured our machines will be nearby, operational and stocked.

For Consumers

Our snack and beverage vending machines are great for customers on the go. Our machines slot perfectly into businesses where customers might experience a wait time, or are taking part in sports and exercise. Learn more about Mix&Vend's vending machine services.


We’re always looking to add new and exciting products we think you’ll enjoy! And we want to hear from you, your staff, and your clientele to get the perfect mix and blend of products for your location. Get in touch for more information.

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Help & Support for Existing Customers

Request your favourites

Thought of a product you know your customers or staff will love? Let us know via the form below, and your picks might be available soon.

Need another vending machine?

Are you often running low on snacks and beverages? Another vending machine could be the answer to your problems, so contact us to discuss the next steps.

Have an issue with your machine?

If your vending machine has developed a fault, or is due a restock, let us know by entering your details in the contact form below, and we’ll get everything sorted ASAP.

Tell us what you want!

Any issues with your machine?

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Call 07359 621458 for snack and beverage vending machines in London. Mix&Vend provides well-stocked machines with plenty of choice for your staff and customers.

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